6 Countries, Cultures and Cuisines: The European Peace Walk 2017 is now open.

After nearly a century of bloodshed and turmoil, perpetual peace has finally been achieved in Europe. Now that Europe is open again, and the harsh borders between Capitalism/Socialism/Communism have dispersed, we are free to walk through it, experience the diversity of our cultures and discuss our joint futures together. This freedom of movement has given birth to the European Peace Walk (EPW); a growing trans-national adventure across 6 European countries, linking Vienna to Venice.

Daily Stages of about 25kms lets the PeaceWalkers slowly hike and enjoy the beauty & culture along the Route, before arriving at super (and cheap) hostels every evening and settling down to cuisine from one of 6 European cultures. The EPW is the cheapest and most meaningful way to experience Europe – at its best.

After 19 to 21 days of trekking, having passed Vienna, Bratislava, (Budapest), Sopron, Kőszeg, Varaždin, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Lake Bled, the PeaceWalkers will arrive on the Adriatic sea at Trieste, across the bay from Venice.