Rules of the forthcoming EPW2017

1. This year PWs must start on their chosen Registered start date. No chopping & changing of dates.
2. All PWs must start from Sopron, Hungary. Sopron is easy to get to from Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest……. so plenty to see, before your EPW. The EPW, challenging as it is, is a “process” best done in its entirety; the 1st half prepares you for the 2nd half.
3. This year, we are putting in 4 “Base Camps” where PWs must pass through: Base Camp Austria, Base Camp Hungary, Base Camp Croatia and Base Camp Slovenia. Yes, we finally have an Austrian Accommodation on board the EPW !! Expect plenty of schnapps & strĂ¼del.
4. Same as 2016, the EPW will take you 19-21days to get from Sopron to Trieste. The day trips to Zagreb and to Lake Bled are optional.
5. There will be 3 blocks of 10days each that PWs can start their EPW on: May 28th ….to…6th June ; June 28th….to…7th July; July 28th…to…6th August.
6. A super blog for you to read, written by Kate & Craig, until we open Registration.
7. As always: no litter please !

Route EPW