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What to Pack in your Rucksack ?

What are the bare essentials needed to pack for long distance walking? This question pops up a lot, thus below you will find a typical rucksack inventory: courtesy of Donal Corcoran.



Reminders from previous team to further team for EPW

By Coral Sunone on Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 1:49am

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ஜღ❥ღ  Have A Beautiful Walking Day With Love  ღ❥ღஜ
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I’ve updated the doc by reading new posts from the group. While I have internet access on hand, I will do it!


As it is possible there are many notes / reminders the previous team members wish to let the further team members know, this file serves the purpose.


*´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Pre-Day 0  Your Homeland– Vienna, Austria  ̤̥̈̊♥̸̸̸̨̨͡ ♥♥♥      



  • 22 July, 2015 Tony wrote: It’s finished and published…


Thank you so much Euro Peace Walk(EPW).
The EPW instruction booklet: 2015:


  • For all the accoms photos and many other post, check out


Euro Peace Walk

and check out hashtag : #europeanpeacewalk


  • 25 May, 2015 Allison Q: Is there a calendar or a page somewhere where we could add our start dates so we can communicate with fellow walkers?


  • 25 May, 2015 Coral wrote / answered :

Hi, as inspired by Allison’s question, here is a form created .

EP Walkers 2015 can put your start date and data, and could check the result here:

You can right click on the column of start date and sort the date to find out who starts the same day with you. Enjoy


  • 29 July,2015 Britta posted: This is not a new map. Just a correction. I forgot to put the 35 km’s train trip on from Varazdin.

Refer Overall Map:


  • 7 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote: Do you have It’s an app that works offline. You can put in towns and the gps will tell you how to get from point to point. Don’t need cell service.


Bryan commented: Another app is Motion X GPS It has maps too that are off line and don’t need wifi. Plus you can set a waypoint (destination) and when you start navigation the display shows the map with a straight line pointing at your destination. Makes it easy to decide whether to take the left of the right fork in the road.


  • 8 Aug, 2015 Bryan wrote: Foot Care. Enjoying everyone’s posts while preparing for my first long trek. Any tips for what to pack for foot care are appreciated. Does anyone use a body glide to prevent blisters? Any favourite cream or lotion for après trek? Thanks.



  • 4 Aug, 2015 Jodie Q: Hi everyone, Would appreciate any advice on how to get from the airport at Vienna to the Sissi hotel???? We fly out of Perth tomorrow night and arrive on 6th August in the afternoon. Getting very ,very, very excited now

EPW answered: Easy. It is a direct line, on the S-Bahn 7 to PRATERSTERN. From there it is circa 10mins walk.

Refer Underground map:

Teresa answered: Off the train stop you are on the other side of the river. And a bit to the left.


  • 23 July, 2015 EPW Q: Did any PWs use the Post Ahead service last year ??



  • 20 July, 2015 Bryan Q : Does anyone have suggestions for mobile (cellular) phone service? Can we buy a SIM card and number in Vienna and use it through to Trieste? I need to have internet access too.

Answers :

  • 23 July, 2015 Britta Q :


A few questions to the experienced EPwalkers:


How much weight do you carry on your walk?

How about walking sticks? They were helpful on my camino, but I only need them when it goes up and down for hours. How is it on the EPW?


  • 29 June, 2015 Britta Q:

A question to those of you who did the EPW last year:
This year it takes 24 days. How many of you took a rest for a day on your way? Did you do it more that once? Would you recommend to take one or two extra days in case I need to or want to stay an extra night somewhere on my my way?




  • 14 June, 2015 Britta Q:

Hello, fellow PeaceWalkers! I will start the EPW 31’th of July or 1’st of August.
I did the Camino Frances 3 times. This year I will do the EPW for the first time. I guess that some of you here did the EPW last year. I read that it takes 24 days to do the walk. Did you take a few days more to make a break or two on the way?
On the camino I couldn’t do without my sleeping bag. How is it on the EPW? Are there blankets in all the accomodations? Or should I bring my sleeping bag?



  • 2 July, 2015 John Q: Most pics of the accoms show fully made up beds. Do we need to carry a sleeping bag?



  • 24 July, 2015 Teresa Q: Bathing suit? Are there swimming holes or pools to prepare for? (For which to prepare?)

EPW A : YES ! You will need one. Yes, outdoor thermal baths next door to Hotel in Lenti. Plus 2 other Accoms have pools in HU. And you can swim in Lake Bohinj, Slovenia, and of course, Trieste.


  • 30 July, 2015 Teresa Q: What is the approximate cost of nightly accommodations???? I’m debating buying a painting and thinking of budget . .

Answer :


“Seasoned” EPWalkers- what did you carry that you absolutely needed and what did you NOT carry that you wish you had?



  • 31 March, 2015 Cressey wrote: Just found this interesting article re backpacks and proper fit etc:


  • 27 March, 2015 Tony wrote: In response to Sandi Smith question , A rain coat is a good idea as well as an umbrella to guard against the sun as well as the rain. A boat is optional


  • 1 Sept, 2014 Ria posted:

History of border changed


  • 4 Aug, 2015 Coral wrote in response to some peacewalkers were checked by police via crossing Hungary border:

While discussion with Péter Kerekes about peacewalkers encounter police check in Hungary, we concluded:

“The country is packed now with illegal immigrants trying to get to Austria, that’s why police controls strictly.
But if the peacewalkers keep their passport with them there will be no problem

“Jó napot! Mi egy szervezett gyalogtúra, az Európai Béketúra résztvevői vagyunk. Bécstől Triesztbe gyalogolunk. Augusztus folyamán 5-20 fős csoportokban követjük egymást. További információ a oldalon található.”

means: Good afternoon! We are an organized walking tour, participants in the European Peace Tour. We walk from Vienna to Trieste. During August we follow each other in groups of 5-20 people. For more information, website.”

Hope this bring great peace with us!

  • 10 Aug, 2015 Bryan wrote:

Here are or Google Earth waypoints for the route. The first half is detailed with some towns along the way. But these towns might not be exactly on the route, just nearby the route.

To import these on a iPhone/iPad try to send this file to yourself via email. The preview the kmz file on your phone/pad and open in

Download File at

  • 12 Aug, 2015 Kumi wrote:

Group 18 (which currently consists of myself and Sue from Sydney), will begin our walk tomorrow morning. Just a heads up for those of you yet to begin: the ferry from Vienna to Bratislava is not currently running, so it’s not an option right now. Sue was notified today that her reservation was cancelled. Just an FYI in case you were considering cruising the Danube.

  • 20 Aug, 2015 Janet wrote: The Vegetarian’s Survival Guide to the EPW

I’m a vegetarian, not a vegan. I like to explore locavore eating options. I don’t want to travel with my own food from home. But after reading comments from other walkers about schnitzel, schnitzel and more schnitzel I started to wonder what I was in for.

Also, I don’t avoid gluten. In fact, having taken numerous bread baking courses at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, Vermont, USA, I worship at the feet of the gluten gods. I am always .. Read more:

  • 21 Aug, 2015 Bryan wrote: The market near the Sissi has this great little vegetarian restaurant Zimmer37. Yummy green smoothies set us up for the trip ahead.

Cell phone cards for sale at the Tabak Trafik. Ask for a 2 eruo card from EETY then get a 10 euro top up. The service says it will work in other countries. Good for lots of phone calls, SMS and internet data. Nice web site support in German and English.

Lastly here is a photo of the Danube and the Twin City Liner ferry to Bratislava. We hea..

Photos :

  • 21 Aug, 2015 Bryan wrote: Five of us ready to start Sunday morning. Two Canadian couples and a lovely lass from Australia. Anyone else? We are varied on our start. One by boat, one couple by train to Wolfsthal and we are taking the train to Bratislava where we will walk the final 4 or 5K. The plan is to meet up at the Zamocky Pivovar at 3. It’s across from The Ibis.



♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 1 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥  Vienna, Austria – Bratislava, Slovakia



  • 4 Aug, 2015 Teresa vbloged: Tips from first three days, including packing tips.

Video blog:


  • 28 July,2015 Becky said:

European PeaceWalk Day 1: 10.9 km

Refer Map :



  • 28 July, 2015 Meer wrote:

S-Bahn has delays today (so far, about 10′), caused by some construction on tracks. Be forewarned. Also, watch the stops – announcements may be off as well.


  • 28 July, 2015 Steve wrote:

Day 1 of the European Peace Walk. This afternoon at some point I crossed the frontier from Austria into Slovakia pondering what it means to be walking for peace. The border was unmarked though I suspect that it was near the huge ugly concrete bunker that I suppose was a relic of the Cold War frontline. Read more :

  • 29 July, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page)

Day 1 – July 28 Vienna to Bratislava

Woke up early so did a little yoga and had breakfast in the hostel (Meninger Sissi) with some fellow peacewalkers. We were given two options for this first day

1) train to Wolfsthal and walk 10km into Bratislava or

2) take one of two different ferries along the Danube into Bratislava.

The group was divided but many, like me, felt that we’ll have three weeks to walk this area but only one chance to sail along the Danube so a group of us walked to the closest terminal but the ferry was full so only those who had previously bought tickets could board. Three of us set out to walk to the other terminal which took half an hour or so. Read more :


  • 6 Aug, 2015 Martina wrote :

If you are a student and you can prove it, you can get a discount at the hostel in Bratislava which is also a students dorm.


  • 7 Aug, 2015 Martina wrote:

In Bratislava, the super informative free walking tour is recommended. Every day at 11 and 4pm. More info at


  • 20 Aug, 2015 Gerard wrote : We had a lovely trip by boat to Bratislava today. Had to find a DIY store to do some repairs on the carry harnass of my wife. All went fine! Looking forward to the lovely day tomorrow.

Photos & Maps :

  • 20 Aug, 2015 Gerard wrote : vblog: A view from the water arriving in Bratislava


  • 20 Aug, 2015 Janet wrote: Pictures to Vegetarian’s Survival Guide to the EPW, Day 1: Bratislava.


  • 21 Aug, 2015 Gerard wrote: A lovely trip from Bratislava to the Horse Farm!! And…. When we arrived another PW from Tx was there!!! We had no idea that he would be there.



  • 23  Aug, 2015 Bryan wrote : Bratislava places to stay


We never heard back from the student hostel so we’ve gone a searching for another place to stay. Found a couple of tips for others.
Hotel Ibis is near the castle and the student hostel.…/hotel-3566-ibis-bratislav…/index.shtml



  • 23 Aug, 2015 Bryan wrote : Slovak Pub. Bratislava . Serves the real local food. Recommended by two different locals and we happened to meet four other peace walkers there.

Obchodna 62, Bratislava



♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 2 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Bratislava, Slovakia – Rajka, Hungary

  • 28 July,2015 Becky said:

EPW day 2: 23.7 km


Refer Map:


Meer Q: What is the food situation at the end of Day 2? Can we buy lunch there? Is vegan possible?

Becky A: We were shown a menu for us to choose from and they picked up the food for take out. There is also a food store and small restaurant in the village for other options.


Annette Q: Thanks Becky for putting these daily maps on Facebook, they are fabulous, can you tell me which app you are using?

Becky A : The app is motionx-Gps for iPhone. It’s a great map and route finding tool!


  • 30 July, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page)

Day 2 – July 29 Bratislava, Slovakia to Horse Farm in Hungary

Some of the group left early around 6am and the rest of us met in the main square at 8am for breakfast in a little cafe before heading out into a light rain. Thanks to the convenience o modern technology, we navigated through town and across the bridge quite easily. The rain stopped and we enjoyed a beautiful walk on bike paths along the Danube and through trails in the forest. I walked with Margy from Australia & Sue from the States today and was fascinated by the stories of their lives and extensive travels. Read more :



  • 4 Aug, 2015 Coral wrote in response to some peacewalkers were checked by police via crossing Hungary border:

“Jó napot! Mi egy szervezett gyalogtúra, az Európai Béketúra résztvevői vagyunk. Bécstől Triesztbe gyalogolunk. Augusztus folyamán 5-20 fős csoportokban követjük egymást. További információ a oldalon található.”

means: Good afternoon! We are an organized walking tour, participants in the European Peace Tour. We walk from Vienna to Trieste. During August we follow each other in groups of 5-20 people. For more information, website.”Hope this bring great peace with us!


  • 5 Aug, 2105 Allison wrote:

Bratislava-bound Walkers! There’s a fantastically equipped Tesco Express market just past the hostel at the end of the street. Sign says it’s open 6-22h. Lots of baked goods, prepared foods, regular foods, fruit/veg and coffee for 70 cents! We’re hoping to get breakfast there in the morning and make an early start to beat the heat!


  • 8 Aug, 2015 Britta wrote in comment:

I just leave them ( walking poles) at Adam’s. Hoping that some fellow Peace Walker can use them.


  • 20 Aug 2015 Janet wrote:

If you want an insider’s view on Communist and post-Communist Bratislava, particularly with its effect on building and city growth, don’t leave Bratislava without going on the Post-Socialist Tour offered by Authentic Slovakia. ( Peter who started the company five years ago created tours which he would like to take in other countries. He can take groups of 2-3 in his authentic 1970s skoda or groups of 4-7 in a minivan. We signed up for the 4 hour.. Read more:

  • 23 Aug, 2015 Bryan wrote: Tips of things to do from the Art Taurus Hostel.





♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 3 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Rajka, Hungary – Albertkazmerputza, Hungary


  • 29 July,2015 Becky said:

EPW day 3: Adam’s horse farm to Kazmer Csarda (Albertkázmérpuszta) 24.8 km

Refer Map:


  • 30 July, 2015 Cressey said:

Hi – instructions at end after left at farm and downhill are wrong!! Follow arrows. After left at farm go 1.5 km towards windmills ignoring 3 left turns. U then see triangle with grapes. Take left dust road and turn left and keep going approx 350m – arrows along road lead u to cross over and into restaurant accommodation. Not past church etc. pls share with anyone else following.

(link not found)

  • 31 July, 2015 EPW said:

Small change to the very last 500ms of DAY3

After left at farm go downhill 1.5 km towards windmills ignoring 3 left turns. U then see a triangle with grapes. Take left dust road and turn left and keep going approx 250m – arrows along road lead u to cross over and into restaurant. Not past church etc. Very well marked.

Refer Map:

  • 31 July, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page)

Day 3 – July 30 Horse Farm, Hungary to Albertkazmerputza, Hungary

Everyone slept well in the yurts last night & were woken to the sounds of the farm animals starting their day…roosters, sheep, goats, etc. Our hosts here at the horse farm were really lovely and we were all so grateful for their hospitality. The directions were great & the walk was well marked. We crossed the border back into Austria around 11:00 and at the border there was a field of sunflowers so we stopped for a little break, ate some plums we picked from the trees the day before, took some pics and Lee even recited some poetry….it was quite moving. Despite being a perfect walking day and loving the surroundings and conversation, …Read more :


  • 3 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote : Tips from Day 3: 1. Eat at first cafe you see in Nickeldorf. Eggs are cheap and good but the coffee is very expensive (4 euros, same as the eggs.) 2. Leaving Nickeldorf is confusing from directions, when you pass the right of the school the arrow is clear but not so clear the you head straight into the field. A very friendly neighbor came out and explained in German that many get lost there. 3. The new path close to the small village we stay in was very confusing to follow for three of us. Do we follow the red arrows on the road or head past the hut? Not sure the right thing to do but we headed directly into the corn field past the hit, over the huge newly dug hole, to the horses . . . If you don’t get lost apparently you go through a field of marijuana plants. George and Elizabeth are divine. So happy for us to be there. Food is amazing.
Photos :

  • 6 Aug, 2015 Lara wrote : Day 3 tip

The instructions say bring water and snacks as 13km no civilisation, then Nickelsdorf. BUT the 13km post Nickelsdorf also has nowhere to get water; so make sure you stock up before leaving Nickelsdorf…. 13km, little shade, very hot

  • 6 Aug, 2015 Lara wrote : Highly recommended dinner stop on Day 3. Restaurant next to the church, about 500m from accom, back the way you came. Delicious!!!! Perfect moment to be had.

  • 7 Aug, 2015 Robert wrote: Last night at the Csarda restaurant at Albertkázmérpuszta , after a glass or three of wine we played John Lennon’s Imagine on Itube and sang along. We came to the conclusion that it should be the official song of the Peace Walk.

“Nothing to kill or die for, the brotherhood of man”.


  • 7 Aug, 2015 Allison wrote: I just wanted to say that I’m having a great time. Yes, it’s hot but it is August after all. Yes, the walk requires some route-finding, some paying attention, and some common sense, and I personally have the extra challenge of sometimes going off-route to find the destination as I’m traveling by bike but I’m a big girl, I can figure it out. Yes, the villages maybe infrequent and the accommodations sometimes basic and the locals unaware of what we’re doing but I am just so impressed that EPW was able to put this long-distance walk together I will go with the flow and accept what is and be thankful for it.
  • 11 Aug, 2015 Marie wrote: Day 3, Group 13 – Hungarian

wine was flowing




♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 4 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Albertkazmerputza, Hungary – Pusztasomorja, Hungary

  • 30 July,2015 Sandi said: Suggestion to future groups staying at Erdos on Day 4: after enjoying your hot shower and washing your clothes, when you are ready to get groceries and such, take a left as you leave the pensión and head into town.

There is an ATM (cash machine) about 2 km walk so you can get some Forints there. When you head back toward our accoms a group of us really loved the little bar/restaurant at the next corner.
Then you can continue back and stop at the bakery that has a big porch on the front. OMG!! Breakfast for royalty.
Leave there and continue back stopping at the grocery store for the next day’s lunch.
And, BTW, Erica at Erdos is a kick! She’s a little, energetic Hungarian woman with a tablet to do her translating for her. Such a sassy sense of humor

UPDATE: there are many other places to eat and to supply yourself. These just worked for us because it made an efficient trail out and back.there are many pizza places in town as well.

  • 30 July, 2015 Becky said:

EPW day 4: 15.6 km

The hotel really is lovely and jungle-like!

Also, the WoMAN spa along the way into town will do a pedicure for 16 euros, a hair wash/style for 10 euros, and a massage for 19 euros

Refer Map:



  • 31 July, 2015 Meer wrote: Got a great massage on #day4


  • 31 July, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page)

Day 4 – July 31 Albertkazmerputza, Hungary to Pusztasomorja, Hungary

Slept really well until the roosters woke us up around 6am. Had breakfast with the group & hit the trail around 7:30. We walked for an hour or so through the surrounding fields along the border between Austria & Hungary before I realized that I forgot to bring water. Rookie mistake. Fortunately, we were near a town and a local family was happy to fill my water bottle. We stopped at a little cafe & the little church before continuing through the surrounding fields. Supposedly there were cannabis crops but I didn’t see any. It was a short 15km day and were happy to arrive nice and early at the lovely Erdos Panzio guest house. We checked into our bright little rooms and did some laundry before walking into town for dinner & to stock up on supplies for tomorrow….it’s going to be a long, hot day


  • 1 Aug, 2015 Chris posted: Day 4: Alert for this day for anyone arriving in Erdos on the weekend. The supermarket closes at midday and on Sunday it’s not open at all. Also, the restaurant next to accommodation is closed and the only option is to walk 2km to town. We’ve been told restaurants are not open Sunday’s!!!! Hope this helps.



  • 4 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote : Day 4. It may only be 15k but its a blistering hot 15 K with no place to get food or drink. Make sure to bring some extra food either leftovers or just carry it with you for a few days. The store in town is wonderful. Their meat section is delicious.



  • 4 Aug, 2015 Teresa vbloged: Report from Day 4. It is the day we are all grumpy and hot . . . Hmmmmm .



  • 4 Aug, 2015 Britta wrote: Fantastic restaurant in Janossmorja. Two km from Pusztasomorja. Called Lola!

Here 1/2 nuckle. We had different dishes. All were very delicious! And cheap. It is open on Sundays.




  • 8 Aug, 2015 Allison wrote: Day 4 clarification: “Downtown” Varbalog is left, and here is where you go right, into the wheat fields. 600ms down you come to the border. On the AT side there are vineyards, take a left, staying in HU. Walk straight on the gravel road with vineyard immediately on right, staying on road till just past greenhouses. Take left at break in trees, and continue straight. Stay on this road, do not turn off though you will see to the right what looks like a painted over red arrow. Go for a km or two, cross between 2 open fields till next line of trees, turn left as arrows indicate and walk NE along trees. After a km or less turn Right on dirt road as indicated. Keep straight till asphalt. Continue till reach main road and turn left for Erdos.




♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 5 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Sopronkövesd, Hungary – Kőszeg, Hungary



  • 31 July, 2015 EPW said:


DAY 5………. the last 5kms is very easy to follow and well marked.

……you arrive in Tõzeggyármajor village (S) and the shop is 200ms to your right, the last house in the village. At shop Turn left at shop for 350m towards cemetery, then turn right 200 m, and left 1.4 km, than over the little bridge ( X= this bridge is not too strong!) Cross the canal and you still continue to follow the canal 1 km and turn right. Go for 800m. You come to asphalt go straight. Carry on to the end of this road. You cross over the main fast road and walk 250ms to Fulop Panzio, Nyárliget.

Refer Map:

  • 31 July, 2015 EPW said:

DAY5 Now, for tomorrow you are looking at about 23kms to Tõzeggyármajor (shop) and a further 6kms afterwards to the hostel in Nyarliget. If you want to make this easier for yourself (with taxi): Call this number and arrange a time in the morning for Lizzie to pick you up at Erdos. +36-207-733724For those of you walking, this is the day you that you will need:A Picnic Plenty of Water Mosquito spray
(from PM)

  • 31 July, 2015 Becky said:

Day 5: 29.4 km

Some thoughts:
1) Long pants will help protect from insects, cutty grass, small lizards, and stinging nettle
2) if you find yourself walking into small jungle next to a bush, you are going the correct way – also consider bringing your backpacking machete
3) Brucke von Andau is a very nice bridge. The second bridge is not so much of an engineering feat and it may be best to cross one at a time. There may be a weight restriction.
4) if you are tired at the end you may choose to walk on the ash-fault as the final stretch is a bit uneven and there are stinging nettles.
5) it is a beautiful scenic walk – enjoy!
Refer Map:



  • 1 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote :


Day 5 – Aug 1 Erdos Panzio, Hungary to Nyarliget, Hungary

Got a very early start (minus the backpack) for a 29km walk in the blazing sun & heat today. Perfect day for the opportunity to send the pack ahead in a car with those unable to walk. The trail was dense & quite overgrown in places & I bush-whacked my way through with the Aussies today….it was pretty crazy at times. We stopped for drinks and a callipop around 1:30 and the group divided in two to take different routes.. Read more :

  • 2 Aug, 2015 EPW said: Start of DAY5

If any of you are worried about the high grass & brambles at the start of DAY5, just follow the BLUE instead: See Pic
The RED is the EPW trail we marked because we wanted to minimize the asphalt.
But by taking the BLUE ( we marked it as well) you will skip the “Jungle” part of 700ms. Both paths converge. Hope this helps.
Refer Map:

  • 5 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote: Hot and tired! Day 5: Nettles nettles nettles. And more nettles. And at dusk Mosquitos and flies. Okay, done with kvetching. vblog:
  • 5 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote: Today’s the day we begin to ponder why we are on this Peace Walk. None of us have a very clear answer. We walked along the Iron Curtain Rd. We are so aware of the precious nature of freedom. I know a woman, Noemi Ban, a Hungarian woman now living in Bellingham, Washington, who had to flee the communists when they came. She had just come through surviving Auschwitz and here she must escape again. Read more:
  • 8 Aug, 2015 Teresa commented: I left a pair of poles in Sopronkovesd for free and available to anyone who wants them.
  • 9 Aug, 2015 Robert wrote : Koszeg, Hungary. We were lucky to be here when a festival was on celebrating the end of a siege of the town by Turks about 450 years ago. What fun!

  • 9 Aug, 2015 Bryan wrote:


Hi. I’m doing a little exploring via Google Earth and saw something that I wonder what it is. On Day 6 just outside of Zsira is something that looks like a huge water park. Or … else what is it?

By the way, I am creating a KMZ file with waypoints for all the towns and villages along the route. I’ll share it here when it is done. This file can be imported into or Google Earth. I’m also going to find a way to import something into MotionX.

Answers :


  • 10 Aug, 2015 Allison wrote:

Day 5: Nyárliget. For those wishing to visit the Esterházy palace, it’s by guided tour only (not English) and last is at 4:45pm. And, for those who don’t want to go into town, Fulop’s has a takeout menu for a pizzeria that delivers. Menu is only in Hungarian but the pizza is good!


♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 6 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Nyárliget, Hungary – Sopronkövesd, Hungary

  • 31 July, 2015 Sandi said:

So I understand an important official will be joining us on Day 6. Rumor has it that a special event could be taking place. Wear blue, pin some pot on your lapel, and…most important BYOP! (Bring your own palinka) A basement and a washing machine could be involved but only for a select few!!!
(You had to be there!)

  • 1 Aug, 2015 Becky wrote: Day 6 21 km!

Zoltan walked with us the whole way and they have been so welcoming and helpful in Sopronkövesd.
The walk took us by a very nice restaurant along the way – good coffee, ice cream and wifi.
Refer map:


  • 2 Aug 2015 Meer wrote: Day 6- DO NOT PAY €5 to eat breakfast at our hostel. Eat 9 K later at Polgarmester Restaurant. This meal is less than €2!


  • 3 Aug, 2015 EPW wrote: Buckets of fun and plenty of Pálinka……. on DAY6 of the EPW, on the way to the mighty village of Sopronkovesed.

Thanks to Charlie for these super photos:


  • 2 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote:

Day 6 – Aug 2 Nyarliget, Hungary to Sopronkovesd, Hungary
Woke up early in the cozy guest house and had breakfast downstairs before setting out around 7am with the group. Most of us were in good spirits & feeling strong after walking without backpacks yesterday. The nicely marked path ran alongside fields & crops dotted with windmills and through a couple of picturesque little towns. We walked along a road for a bit before a lovely stretch in a forest….it was a really nice 22km walking day. Read more :


This cafe has got rave reviews off the PWs. A whopping breakfast for under 2euros, super coffee and wifi.

It is 8kms into the day, in the village of Fertőszéplak


Teresa commented: Tell Zoltan hello. And do not skip the walk to the iron curtain with him (Sopron is a must see)


  • 9 Aug, 2015 Teresa’s wrote: Today in Hungary.


  • 10 Aug, 2015 Allison wrote:

Day 6: Polarmester restaurant only serves breakfast when they’ve actually got people staying at the Pension so it’s hit-or-miss if it will be open. It was a miss for our group today.

  • 20 Aug, 2015 Janet wrote: What started out as a disaster , a national holiday with all stores closed and 22 km with no food turned into a festive garden party. Mayor Zoltan, Day 6 in Sopronkovesd, rode his bike to the accommodations and invited the 4 EPWers to their national celebration. We walked together to the woods and sat at the table of honor with the Mayor and his family. We shared beef goulash, pickled vegetables, cheese biscuits

  • 20 Aug, 2015 Janet wrote: What we shared was food, camaraderie in English and German. We sang “Happy Birthday” to the mayor’s 16 year old daughter, who also checked us in (!). We hiked with the Mayor to the little chapel in the woods where 2 EPWers rang the bell with him. We exchanged songs in English and Hungarian.

Cheers to Mayor Zoltan and his family from 4 happy EPWers!




♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 7 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Sopronkövesd, Hungary – Kőszeg, Hungary

  • 2 Aug, 2015 Becky wrote:

Day 7: 28-30 km. We walked 28 km but Charlie from Sopronkövesd said he took us on a short cut that took 2 km from the trip.
Refer map:


  • 3 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote : In Lutzmannsburg all cafes and restaurants on the main street but in opposite direction to our Way are opened early (towards Sonnenhof Thermen spa).


Comment: If you follow the edge of the field instead if the blacktop curving right, its right there after the field. Visible from the peaceway. Then its the main rd anyway, which we follow as marked (starting at the cafe some 400? Meters further). Hope I am being clear, but knowing myself am asking others for a better description.

Go straight along the edge of the field and an irrigation canal.

  • 3 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote:

Day 7 – Aug 3 Sopronkovesd, Hungary to Koszeg, Hungary

We did not have a particularly good sleep and woke early but with our hearts not really into the long walk today. We opted to bus to Koszeg with Iyta in order to arrive refreshed to explore the city. It was a little disorienting to arrive the the terminal rather than walk in but we managed to find our way to the dorm and drop off our packs before heading out to explore the town. Margy & I stopped at a lovely cafe on the … Read more:


  • 5 Aug, 2015 Peter wrote:


A few tips to all EPWs yet to experience Day 07……
1. If the temperatures continue to be high accept the Mayor from Day 6’s kind offer to send your backpack ahead for €3.
2. If you are a person who needs Direction signs for reassurance, you are going to have a very challenging day….. Signs are few and far apart.
3. Forget red painted signs, retrain your brain to look for red ‘stick-on’ arrow signs. Also need to look for red outlined arrow signs on white paper. Usually in plastic envelopes nailed to trees. Some are quite faded and I suspect they are old 2014 ones.
4. Do NOT repeat NOT expect signs to be present at all and every junction or crossing you encounter. More intersections are unmarked than are marked!
5. After a lot of backtracking and wasted time I discovered that the secret of the non marking is…..
6. If you encounter an unmarked intersection go straight through. Ignore all left or right turns. I got to Day 07 accommodation using this rule so it works.
And a final tip – be prepared to travel quite some distance beyond these unmarked intersections before you encounter another arrow to confirm that you have “chosen wisely”.

Good luck with your Day 07

  • 7 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote: Heat wave tips. It’s absolute hell to walk past 11 am, and pretty damn hot from 9 am on. Our group leaves by 4:15 am, we watch the sunrise and end by 10:30 (on longer walking days we will take a bus after 22 km). It’s been very doable. Anyone else in the sunrise club?


♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 8 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Kőszeg, Hungary – Narda, Hungary


  • 3 Aug, 2015 EPW wrote:

DAY8: There are pubs & a shop in Buscu. Here is where you turn right at the entrance to the village. But for that beer, you must go 300ms into village to pub, and then back the way you came.

  • 3 Aug, 2015 Becky wrote:

Additional day 8 info that may help:
1) the accomodation is the first yellow building that you see when you enter town. The “post office” is more of a red post box attached to the building
2) the wifi is awesome!
3) the shop and restaurant appear to be closed but there is dinner and breakfast brought to us.


  • 3 Aug, 2015 Cressey wrote :


Address for accommodation on Day 8 is Kossuth street 1 – yellow building at junction just into town (typo on instructions).
If you are passing thru Bozsik early look for the giant ice creams outside the deli/ fantastic cafe with cakes baked on premises/pub … Caters for all PWs.
And love the white gnome/ Santa/pilgrim who marks the route to Rome.
Happy wandering on this lovely day!!!



  • 4 Aug, 2015 Sandi wrote: The people in Narda have been tremendous hosts. When we arrived there was coffee, tea and water along with snacks. For dinner we had schnitzel, potato salad and bread pudding with chocolate. Yum. The wifi is fast and the area outside is green and waiting for someone to nap.


There was only one downside to warn the future groups of- the beds are horrific and nearly impossible to sleep on! In fact only a few in our group slept more than a couple hours all night. They are some odd combination of a bunk bed and a cot made from a fabric reminiscent of fine grit sandpaper, ha ha. The worst night of sleep I’ve had in 9 days.

Another day, another adventure!


  • 4 Aug, 2015 Angela wrote:

To Group 3. You should eat lunch in Boszok or buy something and picnic in the shade as there’s no other opportunity. We decided to have lunch in Buscu but there’s only one place to eat and it doesn’t open until 2pm.


  • 4 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote:


Day 8 – Aug 4 Kozseg to Narda, Hungary
We stayed in a barracks dorm with no wifi last night so met up at a cafe bright & early for a wifi fix and breakfast before the day’s walk. The sky was perfectly clear & sunny and the forecast said HOT so we started out just before 7am excited to be walking and in great spirits. The trail today was quite different from a few days ago. We are in a hilly region with beautiful forests and lovely little communities and holiday resorts all ..

Read more:


  • 4 Aug, 2015 Coral wrote in response to some peacewalkers were checked by police via crossing Hungary border:

“Jó napot! Mi egy szervezett gyalogtúra, az Európai Béketúra résztvevői vagyunk. Bécstől Triesztbe gyalogolunk. Augusztus folyamán 5-20 fős csoportokban követjük egymást. További információ a oldalon található.”

means: Good afternoon! We are an organized walking tour, participants in the European Peace Tour. We walk from Vienna to Trieste. During August we follow each other in groups of 5-20 people. For more information, website.”Hope this bring great peace with us!


  • 4 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote:

Day 8 is a bit of a dud – some 28-31K (depending on device used), with no real opportunity to rest. “Beds” (€9) offered are cots that are connected to each other, so if a person next to you moves, you move up and down in your sleep, if you are still asleep. Your other option is to sleep on the floor (no mattresses). No restaurant nor shop in the village, so if you didn’t eat in a first town after leaving today, too bad for you: dinner (€9) of schnitzel and potatoes (no vegs, no wine) will not be brought from Charlie’s in Szombathely 14K away until 6 pm. In the meantime, there is a bar serving drinks and chips or candy bars. A walk to the showers won’t take place before 4 pm, and there are two showers available. A big positive in this hot weather is breakfast (€3) that can be had at 5 am already.

  • 5 Aug, 2015 Chris wrote: Hi Peacewalkers. Please note that in Bozsok the great little cafe in a wine barrel is not open because the owner is on holidays!! However the Imperial pub close by is fantastic; well the beer is cold (oops it’s only 11:00!!). Third group are fun people!


  • 6 Aug Peter replied: The little cafe in the wine barrel opened its shutters today @ 1000.
  • 6 Aug, 2015 Peter wrote: Another view on Day 8 accommodation….

Three members from my group skipped stopping at the recommended Day 8 accommodation due to the negative comments another EPW began their Day 8 posting and I would like to post in their defence.
The showers do not happen before 1600 for a very good reason. The building is used by the local children to play sports until 1530. As a parent I would NOT like my children mixing with hot; smelly; semidressed; EPWs trying to find a shower.
All the people working here are volunteers and all money raised is returned to the children’s benefits. Having 3 people skip this stop is the kids loss.
The beds are ex military cots which I suspect were obtained at minimum cost once again to increase the return to their kids.
Can I suggest that future postings about stops on the EPW put the positive comments first so that all those who never select “More” to read the whole posting are not misled!

  • 11 Aug, 2015 Lara wrote :

Day 8 accom in Narda – from the group that started 4th August…. we have had excellent service here. The host Julia has been friendly, helpful and extremely accommodating. We are a small group of 5, but are very comfy. Well done Narda hosts!
Euro Peace Walk organisers, please pass on our feedback – wonderful! (Kelly, Rhonda, Mike, Nada, Lara … here 11/8/15)

  • 11 Aug, 2015 Lara wrote: Day 8 tip

End of the day, when you reach the end of the dirt part through the fields, and crest the hill coming to the asphalt road and Narda – the yellow striped building on the diagonal corner with the post box out the front is your accommodation. Do NOT go down any hills! Go around the back of this building and you’ll see the EPW welcome sign. If you pass the cemetery you have gone too far!
Also the shop next door is closed for renos. But there is a pub a few buildings down.

  • 12 Aug, 2015 Dominique wrote : i highly recommend passing by shiraz cafe here in koszeg. niki and peter are a very open and kind hungarian young couple that came back to koszeg after living and working in londen. people with positive uplifting vibe and lovely refreshments and food.


  • 14 Aug, 2015 Orla wrote : … Can anyone confirm day 8 distance?


EPW answered :,16.4903375/47.3038269,16.4858208/47.3207116,16.4876725/@47.3237285,16.4164696,12z/data=!4m2!4m1!3e2

refer to post :


♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 9 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Narda, Hungary – Szentpéterfa, Hungary


  • 4 Aug, 2015 Becky wrote:

Day 9: only 20 km (surprise!)
Some tips:
1) the small plank of wood crossing appears to be missing. We just ditch-whacked
2) there is an arrow around the half way point that appears to point to the right into a little field then a stinging nettle and thorn thicket. The right arrow meant the next right on the road. I discovered this as I emerged with burning limbs back onto the actual route only to discover the walkers behind me had already arrived via the road.
3) bees! The path goes right by a couple nice bee hives. I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I gave a little scream (more like a squeak) and fled at a run. Others managed a more dignified passing
4) if you want a shorter day, you can take the main road which is a direct route and about 18 km. A few of our group members did this and said it was quite nice though a bit concrete-ish on the feet
5)I forgot to mention this tip from yesterday: a couple of our group members were stopped by police as they crossed the border. The showed their passports (actual and EPW) and tried to mime-explain what was going on. The police were a bit uncertain but let them go. You may want to keep your passport somewhere easy to access. I wonder if we could get someone fluent in Hungarian to write a letter that we could show if we are stopped to explain who we are and what we are doing?
Refer Map:

  • 4, Aug, 2015 A follow up text by Teresa :

In response to Becky Booth I google translated something to show the police. Szia mi egy szervezett séta , az “európai béke Walk” Pozsony és Trieszt . van egy weboldal segítségével magyarázzuk el . Lesz 5-20 ember sétál át itt minden nap , augusztus . (We are on an organized walk call the European peace walk from Bratislava to Trieste. There will be 5 to 20 people walking through here every day throughout August.)

  • 5 Aug, 2015 A follow up text by Coral: the text for police in Hungarian, with the help of Hungarian ex EPW helper Peter:

“Jó napot! Mi egy szervezett gyalogtúra, az Európai Béketúra résztvevői vagyunk. Bécstől Triesztbe gyalogolunk. Augusztus folyamán 5-20 fős csoportokban követjük egymást. További információ a oldalon található.”

  • 5 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote:

The shop in deutsch schuetzen is close today (Wednesday) before noon.

  • 6 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote:

Day 9 – Aug 5 Narda, Hungary to Szentpeterfa, Hungary
After a challenging sleep on cot bunk beds, we woke before sunrise & had a very early breakfast in order to set out by 6am to get our walk in before the heat of the afternoon. The sunrise was lovely and the first 10km through this pretty wine region went by quickly. We came upon a picturesque little town and heard familiar voices. Down a little lane, we discovered four of our group sitting around a table in the shade enjoy…Read more :


  • 8 Aug, 2015 EPW wrote: On DAY 9 : Narda to Szentpeterfa

The Co-Op Food Shop in Pornoapatai is 100 ms BEHIND the Church at Cross Roads.

Also, there is a Cafe in Eberau, Austria (only 300ms off the Route)
that specializes in “Uhula”.


  • 25 Aug, 2015 Janet wrote : Day 9:Szentpeterfa – In addition to his linguistic talents, our host, Ivan Vujcic plays the tamburra. It is a Croatian folk instrument that fits in a violin case, is tuned like a violin, sounds like a banjo and is beautiful. It turns out the village is predominantly ethnic Croatian. Ivan plays in a folk band and tours in nearby countries. Here he is serenading us at dinner. Alas neither the photo nor the video will attach. (I need a teenager.) For groups who haven’t reached Day 9, ask for a serenade!





♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 10  *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Szentpéterfa, Hungary – Őrimagyarósd, Hungary



  • 6 Aug, 2015 Sandi wrote:

Sunshine Camp and Janet are a peace walker’s dream come true. The food was amazing, the beds comfy, and our hosts are like long-lost friends. The stars were especially beautiful last night.


  • 6 Aug, 2015 Margaret posted:

End of day 10…..a pile of shoes airing. Looking forward to a lovely evening. Sunshine Camp in the village of Orimagyarosd
Refer to photos:


  • 7 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote:

Day 10 – Aug 6 Szentpeterfa, Hungary to Orimagyarosd, Hungary
We were in good spirits leaving the town bright & early after a nice breakfast at the restaurant. Most of us agreed that with the intense heat, we would walk halfway and taxi to the next accommodation. We made good time for a few hours, stopping now and then for water breaks and to pick an apple off a tree. There were four of us walking together & lack of sleep over the past few nights made us all a little impatien… Read more :


  • 8 Aug,2015 Peter wrote:

Note for those still to do Day 10…….
The last village before the accommodation (Orimagyarosd) had a village night walk on the 7th August. They marked this walk with orange painted arrows. Several of these orange arrows are on the EPW track. None of them point in correct direction. In fact one tries to send you back in the opposite direction.

So ignore all orange arrows, follow the EPW instructions and the red arrows and you will reach the Sunshine Camp.

Comment by Peter: Sorry guys another mistake due to thermal overload of the brain…
It has been correctly pointed out to me that the orange arrows are
at the last village where the accommodation is and not
The last village before the accommodation.
So please ignore all orange arrows as you enter Orimagyarosd.


To other EPWs not yet starting Day 10…
Do not waste your money at the coop shop buying food for breakfast or to eat along the track.
The photo shows the food supplied to 3 of us for breakfast at the hotel that provides dinner for Day 09.
All this for €3. Included unlimited coffee and juice. When I thought we were finished, the Mother of the owner brought out more bread; sausage; tomatoes; cheese; etc. for us to make sandwiches for the walk. Final touch was the aluminium wrap and takeaway polystyrene ‘doggy bags’ to protect your lunch while you were walking. This extra was all part of the breakfast €3!!!!
Their dinner the night before was also exceptional



  • 11 Aug, 2015 Theresa wrote:

Gorgeous day through Hungary today. We left at 3:50 am to beat the heat. We walk through the Perseids with a small moon and arrived by 9 am, 23 kilometers later. We are staying with Tibor and Janet in Oremagyerosd, a small village on the Austrian border right on the Iron Curtain. Tonight Janet is going to take us to meet her father who is willing to talk with is about his experiences during the communist era. And show us their church. Such wonderful people. (Also they call their portable toilets “Pipibox”. Not the most important discovery of the day which included seeing photos of the destroyed bridges and the soldiers patrolling the area, but still . . . )

Photos :


  • 11 Aug, 2015 Theresa wrote:

Several of our hosts have told us that they are surprised that no one asks about their village, no one wants to tour their village or meet other Hungarians and ask questions. We told them that people probably didn’t realize that was an option. So I am wanting to encourage everyone to ask your hosts questions about their lives, everyone we have engaged with in this conversation is so delighted to share their experiences and so proud of sharing their culture. Many have said we .. REad more :


  • 13 Aug, 2015 Lara wrote : Day 10

Behind the fire station in Luising (10km into the day) you can get drinking water. There is even a sign pointing the way





♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 11 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Szentpéterfa, Hungary – Őrimagyarósd, Hungary


  • 5 Aug, 2015 Cressey wrote : Tomorrows instructions ….

Day 11: The Hunter

Saint George in the Valley
Õrimagyarósd,, Hungary – Szentgyörgyvölgy, Hungary
Approximate Distance: 27 kms

Leave Janet’s by turning right. Go for 600ms and turn left to Szaknyér. At end of Szaknyér village, turn left for 250ms. Just before bridge take a right into woods for 1.5kms. Then turn left for 150ms then turn right across the fields for 200ms, then a left for 50ms and a right across fields with woods on your left side.500ms alter you arrive at asphalt , turn right for 30ms and then left towards train tracks. Cross over train and into Csöde village. Straight through and into Felsőcsöde (café is called Sárkány). 400ms after café, you keep straight into woods. Then at a T, turn right at lumber yard. It is 5kms to Kerkafalva village. Take a left at village X-roads, pass church. Arrive at main road, cross over it straight. Big farms on either side of you. 800ms follow road to the right after passing the lake and then 400ms later the road veers left. About 1kms later you arrive in Felsőszenterzsébet. Straight across the road and then 1.5kms later the road bends left and you arrive at T. Turn right and it is 1kms to Kógyár. Go to end of Kógyár and turn right, then 500ms later turn left. Go straight for 2kms and there is a left muddy turn to Go-Na which is only 600ms away. The last part of today, from Kógyár is exposed to sun………. but just keep your mind on the pool and cold beer awaiting you in Go-Na.

You will be staying in super Go-Na in Szentgyörgyvölgy [Saint George’s Valley].

Swimming Pool, super restaurant, cafe/bar, sports fields.

Enjoy. Relax your feet…you have done 2 big days and tomorrow is a short one.
Farkasi u. 1

  • 7 Aug, 2015 Sandi wrote:

No more struggling with supposed paths in the woods. Stinging nettles. Towering corn we had to almost knock down. Yup… Hot or not I’ll be checking a map and taking only asphalt from now on. WHY? – – – we get to stop in towns and sit in the shade. Nice locals like Rudolf stop with water and a chat. And so many more reasons. No more bushwacking for me

UPDATE: keep in mind that everyone has different expectations of this walk. I expected an experience like the Camino. Read more :


  • 7 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote:

Day 11: pay your accommodation in Euro. You will be overcharged if you pay in forints. Pay for food and drink in forints after checking prices.


  • 8 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote:

Day 11 – Aug 7 Orimagyarosd, Hungary to Szentgyorgyvolgy, Hungary
Only a few of our group were brave enough to attempt the 28km walk in this heat & those that did left before 5am. The rest of us left after breakfast (around 6:30) and walked all together for most of the 14km to the halfway point where we’d arranged a ride the rest of the way. The group spread out a little and gathered together for regular breaks. The walk was on a nice shaded soft dirt road that was nice & lev… Read more :

  • 11 Aug, 2015 Theresa wrote : Report from Day 11. We are still in Hungary. We left Janet and Tibor’s place and walked halfway about 16 km before catching a ride to Saint George’s. Very easy and beautiful day of walking. Some of the loveliest hillside we’ve seen. Rolling hills and very easy to walk. We came to a non-Catholic Church for the first time. I think it was reform or Calvinist not sure. The pews go around in a circle with no focus on a dead man hanging and bleeding from a cross. It was a beautiful.. Read more & vblog:
  • 18 Aug, 2015 Ken wrote: Day 11. Walked (hobbled) 25 klms today. Weather is now beautiful (mid 20’s). Team still going strong.

  • 19 Aug, 2015 Martina wrote: Day 11 accommodation – Gona – has beautiful premises, including a pool. However, Communication was hard and warning about the breakfast situation. I paid 3 euros and had nothing in the morning but an empty stomach. The others who managed to get breakfast were not too excited about it. The first village on the way in Slovenia – good instructions in the booklet how to get to it- is a lovely place to grab breakfast from. Lenti is fantastic. Cheers

  • 24 Aug, 2015 Janet wrote : Vegetarians, do not despair! Relief is on the way on Day 11 at Go Na. Enjoy the traditional cold fruit soup (hideg joghurts erdei gyumolcsleves, an appetizer and the potato pancakes with cheese and sour cream (burgonyaprosza ermek sajttal, tejfollel). The owner kept the restaurant open for us. We’re the only guests. PS The owner looked up the afternoon bus schedule. The bus leaves Resznek at 12:51, 14:22 and 16:29.
♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 12 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Szentgyörgyvölgy, Hungary — Lenti, Hungary

7 Aug, 2015 Sandi comment on Teresa’s:
It only works if the path is better marked in places. Day 12 is very (VERY) poorly marked through the corn and forest. I left at 5:25 and lost an hour wandering about looking for a supposed path that was non-existent. (FYI–I was with a group of 5 people so it wasn’t because I overlooked something while I was alone.)
Since we are group 1 it might be easier for those who come after us.

  • 8 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote: Day 12: when I say “corn-whacking”, I meant getting whacked by corn. The trail is simply fantastic, but full of ruts and some bush whacking in what used to be no-one’s-land until very recently. I would’ve not want to miss it. This way, we do get some foretaste of the terrain awaiting would-be escapees from Communism. I do appreciate that as a former citizen of a formerly Communist country myself. Some thoughts:

Last year, Group 1 complained a lot to our Fearless Albeit Invisible Leader about walking on roads (sorry, Sandi Smith!), and this year both arrows and the trail are perfect. Just not for everyone. So, how about trying to make everyone happy(, yes, an impossible task), and have two alternates on most days?


  • 8 Aug, 2015 Tony wrote : Day 12 public transport options.

There is a bus available early morning to Lenti should some walkers require a break due whatever reason. …

The bus leaves a pretty 15 minute stroll away from the GO NA accommodation site. It comes with a free sunrise over cornfields. Don’t step on the dead field mouse. Don’t forget to pat the big dogs on your way out.

First bus leaves at 6:40 am and Lenti is the last stop. It arrives about 1 km from the hotel. Ask for directions, everyone seems to know the hotel. If not head towards the train station and your 5 minutes away. The bus is cheap ( around 450fl) and takes about half an hour. The staff will let you know the directions to the bus stop. It could save some you a few Euros in Taxi fares as a taxi arranged last night cost a fellow peace walker 17 euro. Take care walkers.

  • 10 Aug, 2015 Peter wrote: For all those yet to start Day 12

The “EPW 2015 – Extra Info” page has no information on a taxi service from GÓ-NA but the English speaking waitress (Nikki) at GÓ-NA can organise this for you.
EPW commented: Thanks Peter. And (from reports) there is a bus from Reznek to Lenti.

  • 11 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote: Day 12 Szentgyorgyvolgy to Lenti, Hungary

After a great stay in the cute little cabins in Go Na, Margy & I set off early in the crimson light of the most beautiful red sunrise imaginable. We walked 5km through lovely forest trails before crossing into Slovenia for the first time and meeting up with five others for a morning snack in a little park. The seven of us set out through the woods and somehow managed to navigate our way along a trail through a cornfield which was defi… Read more:

  • 12 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote: Day 12. Ummmmmmm . . . That was not the easiest route to follow. Had to catch a ride from a local passerby as the heat of passing through the mile of broken bricks did me in . . . After cornwhacking . . . If you aren’t familiar with the word you will be soon . . . Did I mention urine soaked cornwhacking?


Restaurant · Lenti, Hungary, wrote : Day 12 group 13…We are in 7th heaven..pure luxury!!

photos :

♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 13 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Lenti, Hungary – Zasadbreg, Croatia

  • 8 Aug, 2015 Sandi wrote: I admit that I’m disappointed about having to taxi so much in the heat. I mean, I did the Camino by myself last year with little problem. So I really had to rethink my goal this year.

This walk is about peace. Peace isn’t really an external experience. It’s a way of being and thinking. When we are together, I’m at peace. When I’m walking at my own pace and place, I’m also at peace.

Peace is a choice. And I’m a peace walker!

  • 8 Aug, 2015 Sandi wrote: Heads up future walkers into Accredo: they can not accept a credit card at all times. You should really plan on paying in cash.

It is beautiful here. You’ll love it. This is the break down of costs: 12€ accom, (mattresses in a tent. One room for three inside), 12€ dinner (no shops nearby. Bring food if that seems high for you),
3€ breakfast,
2.50€ beer, 1€ water. Many more drinks and options of course.
Our hosts are wonderful people. Can’t wait to see the stars tonight!


EPW commented: Banks are in Mursko Sredisce (1st town in CRT)

  • 8 Aug, 2015 Cressey wrote: Day 13 coming into the Accredo Centre – on the final stretch – it is the 2nd right hand turn into the corn (perhaps 300metres along) and is signposted in red where to turn.

Don’t go in the 5km scenic tour!!!


  • 9 Aug, 2015 Cressey wrote : DONT FORGET your passports for day 13 – Slovenian Croatian border control won’t let you over without it ( at least if u are from certain countries)!!!


  • 9 Aug, 2015 Tony wrote : Day 13 non walking transport options for people unable to walk, need a break or just want to enjoy extra time at the awesome and ridiculously inexpensive thermal baths ( actually 6-7 pools, all temps).

Renata, the amazing person running the Denis hotel can organise a car / minivan to our next destination in Croatia, the Accredo Centre.

Cost is very reasonable, a minivan that can cater for 7 persons is 70 euros. Tremendous value considering that by car its approximately 42km. A smaller 3 person capacity car is 30 Euros.

The car / van can leave any time, 2 pm has been a popular time as it allows you a sleep in and a morning walk around town or session in the thermal pools.

It’s hot guys, walkers don’t be afraid to shed extra weight, throw stuff in the taxi if utilised and chip in for the cost. A light walker is a happy walker.

When you arrive in Croatia, you will be very happy, the place is awesome,

Take care peace walkers

  • 11 Aug, 2015 Peter wrote:

Addition to Day 13
So that you do NOT do an additional 3+ Kms at the very end of Day 13 add this sentence before the last sentence in the 3rd eight…
“After 100ms turn left and walk down the ridge. (There is no sign here either”
This leads you to Accredo center 500ms away.
This addition has been verified by one of our group backtracking from Accredo to where we missed the turn and walked the extra Kms.

  • 11 Aug, 2015 Peter wrote:

For all those EPWs yet to do Day 13….
So that you do not experience the same confusion that we did this morning (11th August) In the first eight, consider replacing the existing three sentences AFTER “Leave hotel Denis and turn left for 120ms.” With
‘Turn right and after 120ms turn left at “Prevent” factory onto bike path. Follow bike path for 4Kms through woods past a beautiful lake to Levdvadedes and then turn right proceeding westwards……’
These changes now make the distances for the first eight much closer to 8 Kms as against the previous total of 3.6Kms

  • 12 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote: Day 13 – Lenti, Hungary to Zasadbreg, Croatia

After a great sleep, we enjoyed the continental breakfast in the hotel and made our way back to the thermal pools. We spent all morning trying the different pools. We took turns on the waterslide, floated around the lazy river, soaked in the various hot & cool pools and enjoyed the feeling of being on holiday at a resort. After lunch at the poolside bar, we went back to the hotel & caught the shuttle which took us across the borde..Read more and photos:

  • 12 Aug, 2015 Orla wrote : Group 13 Day 5 .. Great day, hard going but all worth it!! TIP for future walkers …wait for breakfast break until Bridge of Andau ..great picnic benches. Accommodation tonight fab! Lizzy and Dad great…got our washing done..very excited about that!

  • 24 Aug, 2015 Elaine wrote : Hotel Denis in Lenti’s room rates as of right now. They take credit cards.

Breakfast starts at 7:30 am, but you can get it pre-packaged.

price chart photoed :
♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 14 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Zasadbreg, Croatia – Varaždin, Croatia

  • 8 Aug, 2015 Cressey wrote : Day 14 coming into the Accredo Centre – on the final stretch – it is the 2nd right hand turn into the corn (perhaps 300metres along) and is signposted in red where to turn.

Don’t go in the 5km scenic tour!!!


EPW commented: Yes, this is a little turn right, out of corn, to your 1’clock. Slight uphill and Accredo is 500ms away.

  • 9 Aug, 2015 Sandi wrote:

Another quick FYI- the hotel Turist in Varazdin has no AC. It’s hot in here. Lots of cold showers will be taken until I can open a window after dark!


  • 9 Aug, 2015 Sandi wrote: Such a lovely day out of Accredo Centar up to Varazdin. The sunrise is tough to capture in photos but everything around me was scenic. This is especially true of the naked Croation couple we happened to pass as they had sex outside of their not-so-well-hidden car!

On to Brezje and then to Nedelisce.
Due to health issues two of us walk about halfway then taxi each day. My husband joined us today. Anyway, Vanya from Accredo offered to provide said taxi service from Nedelisce. From there he took us to his hometown of Čakovec for a tour of the city and some coffee. (It pays to share the ride with a woman whose parents are Croatian expats!)
I learned so much about Croatia. That is my kind of walk, meeting people in the towns and cities. This day has been one of my favorites.


  • 10 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote:

Day 14: opening hours (store and bar) in Cakovec

Photos for timetable:

  • 10 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote:

Day 14: Watch out here – take the right fork
Photo :

  • 10 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote:

Day 14: A 300-year-old plane tree and Eva in Nadeliste

Photo :

  • 11 Aug, 2015 EPW wrote : DAY14

Look for this blue bottle to turn RIGHT into the woods – (do not go straight, arrow on tree is somewhat hidden in bush)

  • 13 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote:

Day 14 – Aug 10 Zasadbreg, Croatia to Varazdin, Croatia
We set out as a group after breakfast from the Accredo Ctr but spread out over the walk & got quite separated and a little off-track. After walking along the road for a while, we all miraculously met up again at a great little ice cream shop in Nedelisce. We walked together the rest of the way, stopping just once at a little shop to buy some food for a little picnic in the shade under some trees. We found our way to the ..Read more with photos:

  • 21 Aug, 2015 Ken wrote: Good day. Walking seems now routine for day 14. We say goodbye to the most popular member of our group (Orla).

♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 15 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Varaždin, Croatia — Krapina, Croatia


  • 5 Aug, 2015 Coral wrote: Meeting Marlis today, the owner of Barrock hostel and cafe. She just updated me that she and one of the top chef will provide the meals for all peacewalkers in the hostel!

  • 9 Aug, 2015 Coral wrote: Arrived today at Zagorska Sela, Croatia, where Poklek house is. Day 16. It has no house number, standalone in the middle of beautiful nature. coordinate: Latitude 46.0977551, Longitude 15.626228499999998.

  • 11 Aug, 2015 Sandi wrote:

Lots of love at Barrock Hostel-CaffeBar in Krapina, Croatia. Love Marlis and the gang. I may never leave!
Day one was interviewed for Croatian TV. We’re very disheveled stars, ha ha!
The welcome drink was free and dinner included a drink, too. There’s AC in the rooms along with real towels and pillows, I even got a massage! And now–music on the patio. Life is good!

Sandi commented : Awesome. We are still missing 6 people here. The route is not well-marked and instructions are bad. You might beat them all here!

EPW commented: Has any of the 6 rang Aljosa ? He is the SOS contact for the day.

Sandi commented: today no one made it without getting lost. 12 hours of walking in some cases. And in these temps it was seriously dangerous.
All are here now thank God. The route needs to be checked. I don’t think anyone should walk the route until it’s fixed.
Sounds like some trees were logged which may have been a factor. I don’t know.

EPW commented: Thank u. W2 have been asked to find a spot and call Aljosa if they get lost tomoro. Sure, that is why we put in SOS numbers. As in, find a spot, rest, and call Aljosa , rather than walk for hrs in heat lost in CRT.


  • 12 Aug, 2015 Coral posted quoted Barrock:

Here you go, we were on TV in Croatia:
Exact link: and choose time: 12:35 minutes!
by Barrock Hostel-CaffeBar
Appreciation and rejoice for all peace walkers since 2014 till now and more to be!


  • 13 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote: Day 15 – Aug 11 Verazdin to Krapina, Croatia

Woke early after a great night’s sleep at the Hotel Turist. Had breakfast & walked down to the train station where the group caught the train to Novi Golubovec (a town about 18km from our destination.) We stopped at the cafe across the street & began walking the trail up and though the forested hills
around Krapina. Although stunning, the uneven trail was all uphill & downhill. About halfway through the hike my left quad starting ..Read more with photos:

  • 15 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote: Krapina!!!! We love Marlis!!!!!! Maybe moving in???? Thunder and lightning . . . Neanderthal Museum. Massages. Amazing food. Comfortable beds. Gorgeous town. Croatia is deeeeeevine.



  • 22 Aug, 2015 Marie wrote : Group 13 day 15 – made a wonderful change to ride the train. Beautiful countryside but a challenging hike through the hills to a great welcome atBarrock Hostel-CaffeBar


  • 22 Aug, 2015 Ken wrote: Day 15. We struck hills today and a surprise after the flat. A great welcome and meal when we arrived. Did 15 Klms today. Total 365 Klms


♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 16 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Krapina, Croatia – Zagorska Sela, Croatia

  • 10 Aug, 2015 Coral wrote: Day 16 is ready to PW. You’ll meet Aljosa Mutic with his family, listen to the heritage of the Poklek house we are going to stay, enjoy his hospitality of food and help, and free Burmese-style meditation session by me. Enjoy the beauty of Croatia before enter to Slovenia again. Yes, passport check the next day!
ps: Coral will be here in Zagorska Sela until 18 Aug, and will have to go back to Germany for something personal.

  • 14 Aug, 2015 Britta wrote: From Kaprina to Zagorska Sela.

We got lost after about 10 km.
Coral commented : Good news from Zagorska Sela host, as today there is no PW in ZS station, the host and son went out since noon till now, spent the past six hours on the route Day 16 to fix the possible difficult session, according to them via phone, many parts are ambiguity … They’re back now I’m getting update from them… Finger crossed suffering will be down to minimum for the coming PW team…blessings !

  • 15 Aug, 2015 Britta posted photos: Zagorska Sela.

16 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote : Tips from the beginning of Day 16. Marc and Aljosa Muticwalked the path yesterday and added lots of arrows . . . So, IGNORE the paper, even the new one, and follow the arrows. Thank you Marc and Aljosa!!!!! It’s easily a 32 km day. There are several lovely people on the path, locals, who are waiting to give grapes, hugs and schnapps to the peace walkers. A little tricky still in Krapina but after that if you ignore the paper you are okay.

23 Aug, 2015 Ken wrote : Day 16. Big and tough day but scenery made it all worthwhile.

♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 17 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Zagorska Sela, Croatia — Brezice, Slovenia

  • 12 Aug, 2015 Sandi wrote : 12 hours and still not all PWs accounted for in Breziče. Tired of Day 1 being the guinea pigs. Time to say “no more”!
EPW commented: Oh dear. Another crap day. Apologies. Pls can u post if/when they arrive in Brezice.
Sandi commented: Grattan- the path needs to be clear, not overgrown. The arrows need to be in obvious places -often. And before Day one steps foot on the path.
Yesterday people ended up doing 36km because of missing arrows and contradictions with written directions.
Many people in the group are older and/or not seasoned bushwackers.
I know changes will be made through time. But there needs to be a person walking the trail the day before day one starts. A person who is not a well-worn walker and one who has no idea where to go. That person can tell you where the confusion is. Where the arrows need to be. You know the route so you don’t see it like the walkers do.
Cressey commented: We had 8 hour day following arrows more than instructions. Do-able if u follow the arrows
EPW commented: Hi Sandi Smith You are 100% right. And the EPW needs to be perfected before one PW actually sets off. And this includes arrows/info/prices/quality control and Kms etc…. About 70% of the EPW was new and re-drawn from scratch this year. Tons of work, but what really worries me, is that no amount of work can actually ever get it right. Anyway , apologies and enjoy SLO
Sandi Smith When a PW arrives, can you please ask them to email me, as I will need to prep Cressey Camino and gang. Thanks
Coral commented: Is everyone all arrived Sandi? Concern and love!!
Becky commented: All day 1 PWs accounted for. The route today was quite long with some route finding. I think the arrows are quite good for day 17, it’s just that they were placed earlier in the year and since then there has been a lot of grass and leaves that have grown in and covered them. This makes arrow spotting more of a challenge. Keen eyes can follow the route the whole way but there are often moments of confusion and searching. We had a lot of fun walking today: the route is beautiful and well shaded. we appreciated that so much of the route was off road.
Eugenia commented: Sandy I wish you can keep doing the Walk , last year we encountered a lot of difficult situations, We were hungry , tired, there were times we were disappointment, angry, we cried, but helping each other, being patient, supported in our group help us to survived. Things aren’t exactly as the EPW organizers told us, but we appreciate their intentions . I took my EPW 2014 as a life learning experience, sometimes is smooth and easy, sometimes hard and sour moments, but at the end of the tunnel is always light . Love Sandy and others who are suffering somehow in the EPW 2015. My prayers are with you guys !!

EPW commented: Thanks Becky Booth It is definitely one of my favourite days, and then at the end…….. the brilliance of Brezice.

Sandi commented: “Fun” was not the word used by those who arrived the past 3 days. Beautiful vistas, yes. Fun, no!

All are accounted for. At least one mistake was not the fault of the route planners. Stuff happens, right? All others got a good start to the day.

Euro Peace Walk– I agree that the path will take years to “perfect”. Don’t think I’m doubting that struggle. I still shake my head in wonder that you are so committed to this. The day will come when the route is so well known that locals will run out to warn an errant Walker. It’s taken 1200 years for the Camino.
Until then, especially in this heat, the path needs to be marked as clearly as possible as close to the actual walk date as possible.
Because of the heat and a health issue, I can’t walk the whole distances on these long days. So I taxi all or part of the day and watch the day 1 folks come in. I’ve watched every one of the past 3 days. I don’t think anyone who has done ALL three of the last days has used the term fun. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe later they reminisce about the fun of the trail. But I sure haven’t heard it. I sure know it’s not their first reaction.
I do know that behind closed doors my always smiling husband is not smiling. He doesn’t think it was fun today.

Cressey Camino– the entire group got lost in the same general area. I’m guessing arrows may have been added for your group. If it was only a handful lost it’s their own mistake. But when every single person is lost its not due to ignoring arrows.
Eugenia Mejia– the Day 1 people are some of the nicest, most caring people I’ve ever met. To a person we support each other. It’s like one tremendous international (and goofy) family. I’m honored to be a part of this group.
That’s why I’m writing what I’m writing. It’s hard to watch what I’ve seen for the past 3 days.
I don’t think people would say they are suffering. I’ll leave that for them to explain. But I know they sure aren’t happy adding 10 km to a day because of poor directions or arrows.
And still they laugh through dinner and get up to do it all over again.
Thanks for the prayers though. Who can argue with a few extra prayers, right?
Cressey commented: Hi Sandi – I appreciate the difficulties and day 2 had forewarning and added instructions but no extra arrows. We got lost but when not finding the next arrow returned to the last and started looking again – hot and tedious but possible …. And soooo much clearer than last year!!! Happy walking today ( I hope). Cxx
Bill commented: Day 17 for me was not pleasure able on many levels. I did not stick to my feelings about the obviously good directions given by the host to get to border crossing. Becky, I do not know what route you were “promising” was the shorter way but iday 17 was not fun. After being detained and following confusing arrows pretty much the rest of a long and hot da- fun? No!
Coral commented : Suggestion: We can consider a team pre-Day 1 for the coming EPW, and still invite new or ex-peacewalkers to walk the pre-Day 1, with their understanding as a team that might get to quality-check or walk proof the route before Day 1. Blessings!
Sandi commented : Excellent idea Coral
Steve commented : I am part of the Day 1 group and I Have just read this thread and received an email from from someone from EPW apologizing. I want to share my reply.
I did not come on this walk to “have fun”. To me, it feels deeply important to engage deeply and meaningfully in the reality of life with all that this entails. To me, to persist through challenges and obstacles is part of the process of finding peace and this is my intention in making this pilgrimage. The challenges of the past days were a gift for observing myself and how I deal with adversity and with negativity and how I cultivate peace within myself through trying experiences. This cultivation of inner peace seems to me to be essential for ever finding European or world peace. So this has been a tremendous learning field for me. I am disappointed that I have not participated in more shared reflection on such learning and that so much of the conversations have been about the inconveniences of the journey. Had I wanted air conditioning and certainty I would not be on this journey. Yes, I am experiencing disappointed expectations but this is an opportunity to examine my process of expectations, not to criticize the world for not meeting my expectations.
Yes, there are many ways that the EPW can be improved. But as it is, it has provided incredibly meaningful and rich experiences which I will take any day over “having fun”.
Gratitude toward all who have contributed.
Sandi commented :  Thank you Steve Ryman. I agree completely.
Cressey commented: Excellent attitude and response Steve Ryman :) best wishes for reflective walking xx
Bill commented : I like what your saying Sandi and Steve . I too am finding myself and how I respond to challenges. My goal is not inner peace. It is really accepting everything inside I am experiencing. These sensations and thoughts are often not inner peace like. Some days, I just think things suck.Sucky feelings are just what they are FOR me. Another person might respond differently. Usually I share with day 1 group and they let me feel what I am feeling-no judgement. I am learning to laugh more too. Thank you Ian, Laura, John, Tanya ,and my biggest supporter, Sandi as well as each of my other Day 1 friends as well.
Jodie commented : We are on the peace trail to find inner peace so that outer peace will prevail! If everyone can find their own truth on the trail of who they are ,let go and let love reign over the adversities and come to new learning’s we will not end the trail being a human who contributes to negativity and destruction ,competes and controls,finding differences and criticism in others but will walk our own special peace Camino and come to acceptance of all others in the world. Cause no harm and live in the power of peace,love and acceptance. Yesterday our group was grumpy, blistered,short tempered,sunburnt,heat stroked,lost ,diversities were thrown at us all and this heat wave is a never ending nightmare for walking currently and celia and I were ready to quit. After a sleepless night we found our solution and have bought bikes this afternoon. We are now the “peace bikers “and can assist and support our group and our journeys in ways that cant be measured yet! We have found our happiness and peace today and we can pass it on. These are early days and all our journeys can end up benefiting the future of this Peace Camino. No pain no gain. :) go gently and carve your own paths everyone. Look within not outward. This last 101 years is due to looking out. Namaste
Bill commented : Love this post. Very inspiring.

Nancy commented : Steve Ryman is on target. Last year’s EPW had issues as well, but they were never insurmountable. We took them in stride and just kept going. It was a team effort and that helped a lot. Some complained more than others, but most everyone kept going and had a great time, even those, like me, who had physical issues and took buses or hitch-hiked (a new experience!) when necessary. The chance to walk through the countryside, meet many folks from different countries, and experience the beauty of the landscape and graciousness of our hosts cannot be replaced. I couldn’t make it this year, but I’ll be back next year, hopefully. And I would be happy to volunteer for a pre-walk as long as I have at least one other volunteer. We all owe a debt of gratitude to Grattan and those who put together the walk, found accommodations, and installed arrows. If there are a few mishaps, move on and let it go.

  • 15 Aug, 2015 Cressey wrote: Day 17 NEW INSTRUCTIONS

It seems W1 may have got lost in Pisece woods in Slovenia (aka the High Road)

Option at the infamous fork, to take the LOW road. If you walk 100ms down the Low road, you will see my signs ( this was original plan)

It goes through vineyards, horse farms and rivers and then arrives at asphalt road to Pisece village (Pub !)

1kms after Pisece village, towards castle you will find where W1 exited the woods.

And then walked along road to Blatno to Globoko

Ok Low Road = LEFT

Downhill through farmlands for 400ms
Then it goes through woods
and then 1kms later you exit woods, in paradise

About 200ms later in vineyards, at a derelict old cottage you turn RIGHT downhill and off road

About 500ms later, you arrive on a tiny asphalt road with houses, you turn right
200ms later you cross a green bridge and the road curves left uphill.
Go up to the very last house (sky blue colour) at end of asphalt.
Pass house and into light woods. In woods for 200ms
500ms through vineyards and you arrive at an asphalt corner

Here we have marked to go left,,,,,,,, but you must GO RIGHT. We canceled signs here. You will see when you walk right 50ms our signs re-appear. You will see a cool old elongated house on your right, and a magnificent wine valley on your left side.

You are on the correct road to PISECE ( ask anyone) !

Pisece pub is 1.5kms away

I don’t know why we changed this Route………. coz it is beautiful

Walk straight through Pisece ( ask for Castle) and you will see W1Signs that lead you to Blatno along main road to Globoko.

This shows you from the 200ms of woods to the elongated house ( Red arrows = good blue arrows = bad)…/data=!3m1!1e3!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1…

As long as you do NOT turn left, and go right towards the elongated house, you are good to go all the way to Pisece (marked)

Otherwise the whole of the LOW road is well marked and easy to navigating

  • 15 Aug, 2015 Britta posted photos: Brezice.

  • 17 Aug, 2015 Britta wrote: hotel restaurant in Brezice. The main road that leads to the train station. A few hundred metres from the hostel. Delicious. The grilled salmon on vegetables was less than 10€. And delicious!

EPW commented : Was it called Splavar ? On right side of main st
Britta commented: Yes, I think that is the name. And yes, on right side of main street. There is a terrace facing the street, with tables.

  • 17 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote: Day 17, Part 1. The “Fork”. Which way?

vblog 1 :

We have renamed ourselves the Feckin’ Dawn Chorus. Tips for painting arrows and the use of prepositions in the directions.

vblog 2 :
Day 17. We will flip a coin. High road or low road????
vblog 3 :
Low road has an arrow!!!
vblog 4 :

  • 20 Aug, 2015 Paul wrote: Day 17, I took the high road and all was fine until a crossing of 5 paths and not an arrow in sight. Looked here there and every where but no arrows, plenty of red circles with a white dot in the middle. Answer I headed down hill after waisting a half hour and a lot of extra walking on a very long day.

It ended OK but not a happy chappy.

  • 24 Aug 2015, Ken wrote : Day 17. We did it. A big day (35 Klms) included going the wrong way for 3 Klms. Nice views but it was a slog.


  • 25 Aug, 2015 Marie wrote : Group 13, day 17 – stunning views, 10 hours and 20 miles later we arrived. A well deserved and great meal was had by all.

♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 18 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Brezice, Slovenia — Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • 14 Aug, 2015 Tony wrote : Heads up in Ljubljana. On arrival do yourself a favour and have lunch at The Manna Restaurant. I remembered it from last year and it happens to be located beside this years hostels. It’s a little pricey for dinner but for lunch they have a Euro 10.90 daily 4 course menu to die for. It’s open from 12pm – 5pm for lunch daily. Here – judge for yourself BTW, past guests to this restaurants include Queen Elizabeth and Hillary Clinton.

Photos :

  • 17 Aug, 2015 Britta wrote: Beautiful, beautiful train journey to Ljubljana. Along the river all the way.


  • 17 Aug, 2015 Britta wrote: Lots of things worth seeing in Ljubljana. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to see the 3 museums I wanted so much to visit. Because all museums are closed on Mondays. But the Castle is open all days. Also the museum inside. After the visit you can take the Funicular train down from the Castle. When you get down you may want to go to the central market. Just in front of you.

♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 19 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ A Day trip to Lake Bled (a rest day with pick up car tour)

  • 15 Aug, 2015 Margaret wrote: Day 19 saw Group 2 at Lake Bled, Slovenia. We loved it wholeheartedly! The bus tour was well worth it as we went to several places including the Gorgeous Gorge on the way home.


  • 15 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote : Day 19: A tour to Bled, Bohinj, Vitgar Gorge. I shall not be posting pictures. We took so many, you surely will see other, better picture posts. No words to describe the beauty of Slovenian nature. Just go.

  • 17 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote: Day 19 – Aug 15 Ljubjana, Slovenia/Lake Bled/Bohoni Lake

How amazing to have a rest day built into the walk here in Ljubjana. We slept in a little & walked to a bakery for a treat before boarding a private shuttle for our guided tour of Lake Bled & Bohini Lake. We stopped at a picturesque little village called Skofja Loka for coffee & pics and then it was a half an hour drive or so to Bohini Lake with our guide filling us in on local history. Bohini Lake is a stunning glacier. Read more with photos:
♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 20 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Ljubljana, Slovenia — Bistra, Slovenia

  • 15 Aug, 2015 Dympna wrote: Lublijana to Bistra today. Lovely walk. Approx 27km but nothing difficult (like a hill!). Great start back after the rest and lovely accommodation at the end. One for everyone to look forward too. Weather beginning to behave too. What more can a girl ask for

  • 16 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote: Day 20: morning break at Grajska Spajza pizzeria

  • 16 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote: Day 20: on our quest for morning coffee, our sybaritic group actually got invited in by ladies preparing Druga Violina for opening. If we knew about this place earlier, we would bring our business here (lunch, dinner). They employ young handicapped people here. They call them “our children”. They have big hearts, and love walkers and our cause. DRUGA VIOLINA Stari Trg 21, Ljubljana

  • 17 Aug, 2015 Peter wrote: For those who have yet to do Day 20….

If you get to the last line of the first page of Day 20 and cannot wait until Podpec for a coffee then try the following:-
Instead of following the red arrow to the left, turn right go 500ms past the Pizzeria mention in the last line, to the end of the road. Look right and you will see a supermarket. There is also an ATM; a toilet and a coffee shop. At the coffee shop there is a lovely lady who speaks perfect English and makes fabulous LARGE coffees. Enjoy

  • 17 Aug, 2015 Clifford wrote: For those on day 20. Towards the end of the walk once you pass the two electric fences and arrive at the T junction turn left for only about 100 metres before turning right. There is a tree/bush that has the arrow hidden inside. It’s an easy one to miss and adds a couple of Kms onto the walk apparently! Also ignore the two arrows pointing straight into the trees when you arrive at the Ljubljanica river, just head on by them.

  • 18 Aug, 2015 Peacewalk European 2015 (Crystall’s FB page) wrote: Day 20 – Aug 16 Ljubljana to Bistra, Slovenia

Early stop at a coffee shop before making our way out of Ljubljana and onto the trail. There were quite a few bugs on the walk that morning and we all got a few bites from persistent flies. We stopped at a great little pizza bar in some small town and spent an hour or so drinking grapefruit radlers (fruit beer) and eating some seriously spicy & delicious pizza. It was a long walking day and got quite hot that afternoon. I was over. Read more with photos :

Tips in vblog:

  • 20 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote: Day 20. The Magic Bridge. Okay I was expecting faerie folk or something. But had a moment crossing this bridge in a field somewhere in Slovenia, walking alone, of pure bliss. I am a lucky lucky woman. Thinking of the privilege of making this trek where so recently there was war. In a country where for the first time in its history (except I am told arguably in the 11th century) they are independent. And being overwhelmed with how similar it is to home. Until of course you try and communicate and no one understands you. Ohhhhh life . . . Sometimes you really don’t suck.


  • 20 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote: Pizzeria in Slovenia with amazing water feature. Reminds me of the Alhambra.


  • 21 Aug, 2015 Kelly Q: Roughly how many kms is day 20? The guide doesn’t tell us.

Becky commented : I think I got about 27 km

Sue commented : I agree, somewhere round 27/28 and a lovely walk with lots of red arrows to follow.


27 Aug, 2015 Ken wrote : Day 20 and still on track. Numbers have dwindled a little but the resolution remains the same! – We will walk every possible step we can!!!!


♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 21 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Bistra, Slovenia – Postojna, Slovenia

  • 16 Aug, 2015 Becky wrote: For day 21, instead of walking 5 km (in the rain) to borovnica and then traveling by rail to postojna we found a very nice taxi driver who gave us a scenic tour and explained the local history for a very good rate. He can fit four in his car and he now knows exactly how to find our hostel. His phone number is 041 732 386.

  • 16 Aug, 2015 Becky wrote: Peacewalkers wandering though the postojna cases. No red arrows can be found so we might be lost forever 150 m underground.

Photos :

  • 16 Aug, 2015 Mary Q:

Does anyone know how much the train on day 21 costs? Thanks
EPW A: 6,08 €

  • 18 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote : Day 21: At Kavarna Cappuccino Breakfast at 6 am. Coffee here, but morning patries from a bakery ir a supermarket clise by(both open at 6 am)
♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 22 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Postojna, Slovenia – Gornja Košana, Slovenia

  • 18 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote : Day 22: Slavina. We are at a bar, restaurant, and a hotel in one. However, in the morning, there are only drinks on offer. Lovely place.

  • 18 Aug, 2015 Meer wrote : Day 22: to the right of here is a yellow house with a toilet and a coffee machine for employees, accessible to us walkers, as well

  • 20 Aug, 2015 Britta wrote : Postojna to Gornja Kosana. Very nice walk! Peace and beauty!


  • 20 Aug, 2015 Britta wrote : At Spelca in Gornja Kosana. One of my absolute favourate restaurants on the the Peace Walk!

♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 23 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Gornja Košana, Slovenia – Ocizla, Slovenia

23 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote : Day 23 the only place you might get lost just after the train station. Okay, maybe you wouldn’t. But we did. Followed red arrows for a few km before turning around.
Day 23 Video two.

23 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote : Day 23! Knee alert!!!! So the “three miles along the river” is a three hour gorge with sections requiring hanging on to cables and something that can only be called a ladder. The people in the hostel had told us not to go that way and to take the “yellow road” on their map. We followed the arrows instead. If you like a real hike and your knees are good it is beautiful. The road goes right to the Skopje (spelling) Caves. Amazing. Then 3 or 4 km past that is Kacice, with a great restaurant. Anyway this is about a five or six hour journey and not a bad place to stop. See the caves and get a taxi. The next 15 km is mostly behind barbed wire with a view of a six lane motorway. Skippable I’d say . . . I walked it alone and was glad I did. I needed a few hours alone. Anyway here is the first of a few videos.

♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊ Day 24 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ Ocizla, Slovenia – Trieste!

  • 19 Aug, 2015 Donal wrote: As I get closer to Trieste, as a second time EPW walker, I have mixed feelings. But then you can’t repeat what last year was the inaugural EPW. I hope that we brought some peace to the countries that we passed through and spread peace to each other. If I didn’t do that, I tried my best


There is a tiny bar, just 10ms across the border when you arrive in Italy. We are not sure as to what time it opens at in the morning ??

However, we heard that Wilfred Proske of W2 rang their number on the wall ….. and they promptly opened it within 15minutes.


Photo :
21 Aug, 2015 Tony wrote: Group 2 arrival dinner celebrations last night at Rosso Pomodoro. Great turnout, great food, great times.

  • 21 Aug, 2015 Donal wrote : Last year as I finished myEuro Peace Walk about 4 km from the finish I knew that I was in trouble . I was getting weaker and thought that I would fail to complete the PW. Then John Conway and @Helen Conway stepped to assist me. Helen carried my rucksack and John encouraged me. This year I marched in triumphantly and finished strongly. This was helped enormously by being met at the Italian Border by Rosario and Cressey Camino who finished the previous day and who had come back to the border to walk the last 15 km with me.

  • 24 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote : Leaving Slovenia.


  • 24 Aug, 2015 Teresa wrote : The Adriatic baby.

vblog2 :
*´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥ ♥̸̸̸̨̨̨͡✽̤̥̈̊  Post Day 24 *´¨`*•.¸♥♥♥


  • 2 July, 2015 Bryan Q: Any recommendations of which area of Trieste to stay in? Zosia and I plan to unwind there for several days before continuing on to Croatia. We will be there mid September. Thanks for any ideas.


  • 15 June, 2015 Monika Q: Please, please! I want to do this but must be back for work by Aug 1. Please, as soon as you can, can you push the start up to the beginning of July?!


  • 14 Aug, 2015 Linda Q : Hi all, i am thinking about doing this walk, can anybody give me an approx cost overall for the trip, thanks happy walking linda.

Answers :

  • 19 Aug, 2015 EPW wrote: Well, Wave1 are in Trieste this evening after their astounding journey.

They should be here this evening, celebrating by the sea front.

Congratulations to all !!!!

  • 22 Aug, 2015 Cressey wrote : Lunching at Le Botti (just down from the Opera hostel) withDonal Corcoran and Peter Cooper if anyone wants to join – group 4 where are you – we’d love to toast your arrival!!
22 Aug, 2015 Tony wrote : Trieste to Venice train WARNING.
For peace walkers heading off to Venice for a well earned break please read. Once you buy your ticket you must validate it on a green ticket machine. Even though you bought a ticket from the ticket office for a particular train they give you a ticket valid for a month. They don’t tell you you have to validate it, next thing your on the train and the Fuc*#*ing turd below is trying to fleece you out of a 30euro fine, more than twice the ticket price. I told him to stick it up his arse but it meant getting off next stop, validating my ticket and loosing a couple of hours. Many just paid the fine.
Welcome to Italy.