How you will finish the European Peace Walk in 2017

If you walk and only spend 1 night in every Accommodation then the EPW will take you: 19 Days walking. The first day of walking you arrive in Neutal……. and on the 19th Day you will walk into Trieste City.

If you add the optional day trip to Zagreb, the whole EPW will take you 20days
and if you also,
Stay 2 nights in Ljubljana (in order to see Lake Bled), it will take you 21days in total.



Zagreb is an hour’s drive/train from Krapina. This year we are offering PWs the chance to visit Croatia’s laid-back and beautiful capital.

How does this work?  You will arrive into Krapina on Day11 of walking. If you want to see Zagreb, check into Krapina for 2nights. Enjoy Krapina that evening. In the morning, leave your bags in Krapina and the Hostel will help you get to Zagreb for a Day trip. Zagreb is a great small city and easy to see in a day’s meandering and exploring. Then that evening, you can return to Krapina refreshed and then the following morning, continue your EPW.

For example:
Monday afternoon arrive in Krapina. Eat/Explore/Sleep
Tuesday – Day trip to Zagreb – Return to Krapina. Sleep
Wednesday – On the road again………



You will arrive in Ljubljana on your 14thDay  ( Your 15th Day, if you decided to Day-Trip to Zagreb).

Ljubljana was a big hit with the PWs in 2015, as it is truly the best city on the Route. We recommend you spend 2 nights in Ljubljana. On your 1st day arriving explore this city, its castles, rivers, cafes and streets. On your 2nd day, get yourself to Lake Bled (and if possible to Lake Bohinj). They are 50kms away from the city and are truly amazing! So, well worth the visit.

For example:
Friday afternoon arrive in Ljubljana. Eat/Explore/Sleep
Saturday– Day trip up to Lake Bled– Return to Ljubljana. Sleep
Sunday – On the road again………



Trieste has loads of accommodation but the best, cheapest and most central is OFPTS. Opera Figli del Popolo, Via dell’ Università, Trieste

The Opera Building is in the very center. To organize reserving a bed, send them an email:    They will reply (it takes a while) and will put all the PWs together. NB: Please pay when you arrive & check-in !

There is so much to explore and see in the city of Trieste: layers of history, restaurants, cafes, culture and of course the sea promenade. Please visit the main tourism office on the Piazza Unità d’Italia for info. In the meantime, here is a mini-Guide booklet.

If you have time, Trieste City has a summer ferry service that has scheduled services along the coast. You can sail up to Miramare castle & Grignano or even sail across the bay to the beaches and charming village of Grado.

After the European Peace Walk:

With Venice just across the bay, and Piran, SLO and Rovinj & Pula, CRT and the beaches of Istria to the South, Trieste is a perfect location to rest your feet and decide what to do after your European Peace Walk. The Istria peninsula is simply fantastic and well worth exploring. Also, in the summer there are boats from Piran, Rovinj and Pula going across to Venice.

If mountains are more to your flavor, north from Trieste are the very unique cities of Palmanova and Udine:  beautiful and peaceful, without mass tourism.

VENICE: Trains run many times day from the centre of Trieste to Venice. Cost 11euros one-way. NB: You must validate your ticket!

ISTRIA: Trieste Bus Station has buses going everywhere: