In 2017 we have 3 starting blocks:  Early, mid and late summer

You can start your EPW, any of the following days;

Early Summer: Between the 28th of May and 6th June
Mid Summer: Between the 28th of June and 7th July
Late Summer: Between the 28th of July and 6th August

PeaceWalkers must register to reserve their space on the EPW and the daily number that can set off per day is set at a maximum of 10. The infrastructure along the Walkway just cannot handle more than 10 people/per day.

If you walk and only spend 1 night in every Accommodation then the EPW will take you: 19 Days walking.

The first day of walking you will leave Sopron, Hungary and on the 18th Day you will walk into Trieste City.


If you add the optional day trip to Zagreb, the EPW will take you 20days
and if you also,
Stay 2 nights in Ljubljana (in order to see Lake Bled), it will take you 21days.


Sorry, but No. The EPW2017 is only open for these dates.

YES !  You walk the EPW at your own pace !

So, if you want to spend 2 (or 3 nights) anywhere along the Route, please feel free to do so.

The only exception to this is DAY1.  In Day1 Accommodation you can only spend 1night.


 The EPW has a small registration fee. We have set the registration cost at Xeuros. This is our way of ensuring to the Accommodations that PeaceWalkers will actually arrive on the day.


The EPW, challenging as it is, is a “process” best walked in its entirety: the 1st half prepres you for the 2nd half. Thus, one must start the walk from Sopron.  As for walking half the EPW, alas, you will not be able to do in 2017.

As for finishing your EPW early, once you have registered, you can of course leave the EPW at any Stage you want.

Sorry, Registration is not refundable, as every year we donate a % of it to a noble cause.

Accommodation will be provided in the towns that are along the route. This accommodation will be comfortable and at a bare minimal cost. We have found Accommodation in Hostels, community centers, mountain huts, Student residences, etc… The costs of beds vary between 9euros a night, and 16euros a night.

Expect to eat amazing home cooked food across 6 completely different European cuisines. The food and drink across this part of Europe is so varied and delicious, it needs to be tasted to be believed!

All of the tap-water, in all of the 6 countries is clean and to the highest quality.

Most of the Hostels along the EPW Route have Wifi and/or a PC for common usage..

We have done our very best to shorten all Stages, to try and keep them around 25kms/per day. In the cases where we cannot shorten the longer Stages, there will be options of public transport to help.

PWs are free to walk half a Stage (or no Stage) and take public transport, taxi, train, tractor etc….

It is 100% your walk……. so you can do it in any way that you feel comfortable.

Overall, the EPW is flat and easy going. There are some hills in Croatia ….. but nothing too demanding!

The GuideBook on “How to do EPW2017” will be emailed (or sent to a Dropbox) to all those that have Registered. The new revised Guidebook, made by Wayne from Cairns, is currently at a chunky 120pages.

The Peace Walk route itself is be open to all people from all countries, willing to discover the richness and diversity of European culture. The EPW is open to all people, as long as they do not litter! Littering is not acceptable.

If you are worried about being alone, bring a friend or 2 along with you. Also PeaceWalkers can use our Facebook page to communicate with other Peacewalkers prior to starting. Please join this FB group here  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1444861219119896/

You will need between 25 and 35euros a day, to live and eat like a king !

Austria / Slovakia / Slovenia / Italy all use euros.

Hungary uses the FORINT – which is 300forints = 1euro
Accommodations will accept euros. Local shops prefer Forint

Croatia uses the KUNA – which is 8kunas = 1euro
Accommodations will accept euros. Local shops prefer Kuna

Day to Day Bag transport between Accoms is possible. This was organized by each Walking Group themselves and most of the Accoms when asked, organized this service for the PeaceWalkers.

In Vienna/Bratislava/Sopron, if you have heavy bags & posh clothes that you want to post ahead to receive in Italy, have it sent to “Trieste Post Office” in Italy addressed to your name followed by the words “FERMOPOSTA.” They’ll hold it at the main post office for up to 30 days (then send it back if unclaimed); you’ll have to pay a small fee to pick it up.  But double check this with the FB Group !  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1444861219119896/

Address: Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, 2, 34121 Trieste, Italy
Phone: +39 040 777 2311
Hours: Open today • 8:30 am – 7:00 pm

Make sure whatever electrical devices you bring can handle 120V-240V, otherwise you will need a transformer.

Sheets and Blankets are provided in the Accoms, so you do not need to bring a sleeping bag.

That being said, you can not go wrong carrying a light liner.

We have only one request: When doing the EPW, please take many photos & videos on your journey and then share them with your friends and colleagues!

One day, someone super, will film their EPW experience  :-)