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The LAUNCH of the EPW: Summer 2014

On the morning of the 28th of July 2014, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of WWI, the European Peace Walk will be launched. Starting in Vienna, the first Walkers of the EPW will then set about on their 550km trans-national odyssey through 6 European countries. Then the next day, the 29th July, another group will leave Vienna. Then on the 30th July another new group will leave Vienna, and so on…..

Every day for 2 weeks, 50 new PeaceWalkers will leave Vienna. After leaving Vienna, it will take them 23 days to arrive in Trieste in Italy.

eng    ger    spn    it ( How to Start and End the EPW pdfs downloads )


A Symbol of our Progress – the European Peace Walk (EPW) Project.

The EPW is a cross-border initiative set on creating a trans-national Walkway along the borders of Central Europe to celebrate the present European culture of peace. Open to all, the EPW is a 550km permanent walkway for adventurists with supporting services and accommodation provided along the way. The EPW will start in Vienna-Bratislava, and then pass through Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia before ending at the Mediterranean Sea in Trieste, Italy.

We welcome your Suggestions.