Registration for 2017 !

The infrastructure along the Route is limited, so we limit the numbers to start per day, at 10 people. Due to our experiences of people taking up registration space and not actually arriving on the day, we introduced a registration fee as a form of a small commitment. Please see our FAQ page before Booking.

We have introduced 3 starting options: 10 possible days early summer, 10 days mid-summer and 10 days at the end of summer. The EPW in 2017 will take a minimum of 19days to walk/maximum 21.


To walk the European Peace Walk, you will need the following:

    1. Book your flights and choose your starting day.
    2. You can start the EPW on any day of the Dates listed below in the 3 Widgets.
    3. To be in Sopron, HU the day of your chosen start date.
    4. To be fit and healthy enough to walk approx. 500km.
    5. Good walking shoes, water, maps and a sense of adventure.
    6. To be prepared to walk for up to 19 to 21 Days this summer.
    7. Sufficient personal funds for your journey, for your own food &accommodation. We estimate between 25-35 Euros a day.

Please Note: Practical information (Maps, GuideBook, Exact Route etc…) will be provided to Walkers. Please follow us on Facebook for more details!

Early summer starting dates
Prices are in USD $

Mid summer starting dates
Prices are in USD $


Late summer starting dates
Prices are in USD $