After exploring ViennaBratislava, Budapest, your EPW starts in beautiful Sopron. Then heading south to the picturesque town of Kőszeg, the EPW weaves its way along the Austrian-Hungarian border down to Lenti, famous for its thermal baths. Then into Croatia. From there the EPW will pass through the fairy-tale town of Varaždin.  After the Day trip to Zagreb the EPW goes into Slovenia’s famous wine region. From there you will head to Ljubljana, Slovenia’s buzzing capital. After visiting the world famous Lake Bled, the EPW winds its way downhill to Postonja and on to the Mediterranean Sea at Trieste.

Your 500kms odyssey is completed! All in all, you will walk through 6 beautiful European Countries, experience 6 rich histories & cultures and revel in 6 incredible cuisines…….all on a shoe-string budget!

DAY 1:

Sopron – Neckenmarkt- Neutal

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DAY 2:

Neutal – Mannersdorf – Koszeg

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DAY 3:

Koszeg – Cak – Velem – Bozsok – Bucsu – Dozmat

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Cak – Shop
Velem – Shop , Restaurant, Beds
Bozsok – Shop, Restaurant, Wine, Pub, Beds
Bucsu – Shop, Pub, Beds


Dozmat – Vaskeresztes – Deutsch Schutzen – Pornoapatai – Bildein – Eberau – Szentpeterfa

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Vaskeresztes – Restaurant, Shop, Beds
Deutsch Schutzen  – Shops, Wine, Beds
Pornoapatai – Small shop
Bildein – Bakery, Restaurant, Wine, Beds
Eberau – Restaurant, Shop, Beds


Szentpeterfa  to  Orismagyarosd  – Circa 29-30kms

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Orismagyarosd to Szentgyorgyvolgy    – Circa 27kms

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Szentgyorgyvolgy  – Kobilje – Resznek – Lenti

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Kobilje – Shop, Pub
Rezsnek – Shop, Pub


Lenti –  Lendava – Mursko Sredisce – Strukovje – Accredo
Breakfast in Hungary, lunch in Slovenia & dinner in Croatia

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Lendava – Restaurants, Pubs, Shops, Beds
Mursko Sredisce – Pubs, Cafes, Beds
Strukovje – Shop



Accredo to Varazdin

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Brezje – Shop
Nedilisce – Pubs, Cafes, Beds

DAY 10

Varazdin to Klenovnik

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DAY 11 

Klenovnik to Krapina

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Krapina to Zagorska Sela

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Kumrovec to Brezice

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Bistra  – Shops, Cafe
Pisece  – Shops, Cafe, Pub, Beds



DAY 14
Brezice to Ljubjana

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DAY 15
Ljubljana to Bistra

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Bistra to Postojna

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