Starting your EPW2017

As a lot of you are travelling from afar, we want you to experience as much of the region as possible.
We call it the “4 City Warm-Up”: Vienna (VNA), Bratislava (BRT), Sopron (SPN), Budapest (BUD).

All of the 4 cities are optional to visit before you start your EPW. If you want to visit one or four of the cities, it is your choice. All you have to do, is to be sure to be in Sopron on the morning of when you want to start your EPW adventure!


The best place to start your adventure is in Vienna, the old capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, full of coffee shops, beautiful architecture and lively neighborhoods. Vienna is a big city, so if you fly in here we recommend that you choose one of the 3 Meininger Hostels. Why?

Meininger Haupbahnhof is right beside Vienna’s new main station and thus, has train connections to BRT (12 euros), SPN (16euros) and BUD (34euros). Stay as long as you like in VNA and then choose one of BRT, BUD or direct to SPN to visit.

If you want to take a Ferry service from VNA to BRT, then it is best to stay in Meininger Franz or Meininger Sissi , as they are close to the ferry docks that take you direct to BRT in style for 25euros.

Also, if you are landing in VNA Airport and want to skip VNA and go directly to BRT, you can. There are buses at VNA airport that go direct to BRT city center which is only 50kms away.



This cool small city is bustling with life and fun and a lot cheaper than VNA. There are two train stations in BRT:  Hlavná (North Center) and Petržalka (South Center). Trains leave VNA every hour to both of these stations (The journey from Vienna to Hlavná is more interesting). Thus, the best place to stay in BRT is to find a bed near to the Danube river/SNP MOST (bridge) as it is half way between both stations. Similar to VNA, you can stay as long as you want in BRT, or, not visit BRT at all.

From BRT to BUD:
You must go to Hlavná station in order to take a train to BUD. It costs about 12euros and takes 2.5hours.

From BRT to SPN:
You must go to Petržalka station and it costs 22euros and takes 2.5hrs.  It is “tricky” journey, as firstly you have to change in Parndorf and then after passing Eisenstadt you change again in Wulkaprodersdorf, but it is a relaxed way of seeing Austrian countryside before arriving in beautiful SPN.



Such a beautiful small city, it would be a shame not to spend a night here before your EPW. We recommend that you book a bed, south of the railway station. Sopron is shaped like an egg, the railway being at the bottom of the egg, and the egg being the beautiful old center. The EPW Path (and thus signs) starts 1km south of the railway station and heads off south-eastwards to Harka village. Thus, to make it easy on yourself in the morning (and not get lost) it is best to stay as close as possible to Citadell Park and Lover Street. Click for some extra info on Sopron

If you want to arrive in SPN on the morning of your EPW start, and thus not to sleep in SPN, this is also an option. However, we recommend that you take a taxi from SPN station to the little village of Harka (5-10euros), so that you do not get lost in south SPN. From Harka it is 18kms to your first sleep on the EPW, in AUSTRIA.



Budapest is way off course (200kms) and not officially on the EPW, but we are putting it in as an option if you want to venture off to see it before your EPW. If you want to go from VNA direct to BUD (and skip BRT), do so. But the nicest journey is definitely the train from BRT Hlavná to BUD. There are 3 main stations in BUD, the most important is Keleti.  So, when returning to the EPW, be sure to go to the correct station to leave this lively, dynamic city.


V-FAQ – Very Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find beds in these cities?

VNA:  We recommend the 3 Meininger Hostels for Vienna. Clean, cheap and central.
BRT:  A brewery on a boat, on the Danube, that has bedrooms, sun deck and a pool! Dunajsky=Amazing !
SPN:  We recommend, as they have great deals and a Map to browse the exact locations. Try and stay south of the railway, close to Citadell Park and Lover Road. Or stay in the center/north of Sopron, and you can always Taxi to the EPW start in the morning.
BUD: We recommend and staying near Keleti. It is best to stay West of Keleti, going towards center and river, as East of Keleti, the city starts to get “funky”.


Can I find out more details about the train times?

All the above info can be researched on  and


Do I have to book my Accommodation along the EPW ?

Once you start walking, you do not have to book your accommodation. The Accoms are expecting you.


Super !  So what exactly is my first Day’s walk ?

On DAY1 you will walk from: Sopron to Neutal in Austria.
 is from Neutal to Koszeg, Hungary.